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1ac6f1_fd2e5d8e8fa74d8684b92d5025ea1e7f    Chair: Charles Andrè Quesnel     ca.quesnel@usac-cgt.org

                                                  Air Traffic Controller in Paris Center at DSNA and member of USAC-CGT National Board


1ac6f1_0b864effba3c4453849e9d51b8a96409     Vice Chair: Aaron Curtis     aarondcurtis@virginmedia.com

                                                  Air Traffic Controller in Swanwick Center at NATS and Chair of International and Governmental Affairs in Prospect Atco's Branch


     Vice Chair: Daniel Liebhart   daniel.liebhart@vida.at

                                                  Air Traffic Controller in Wien Tower at Austrocontrol and Chair of the ATM personal in VIDA


1ac6f1_dd7f2bb4037b4ef3a2c502cc64dc49a5     ETF Political Secretary for Civil Aviation and Tourism:Francois Ballestero