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Just Culture Toolbox

Following decades of innovation in systems, technologies, procedures and safety management systems, the improvement of safety in operations in modern day industries relies to a significant extent on a good safety culture. The role of the human is deservedly getting more and more attention to take advantage of the opportunities for safety improvements.
The single most important part of a good safety culture has been recognised as Just Culture. This is an atmosphere of trust where employees feel naturally inspired to call to attention safety risks, even when they themselves may be implicated in the discovery of that safety risk. However it is also clear that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

It is this balance that results in the use of the word “Just”.

This document contains a set of guiding principles for implementing a Just Culture.
While many documents have been written about Just Culture, very few have actually addressed ‘how’ to achieve one. Achieving a Just Culture in any organisation is complex; it will generally take many years. The six air traffic management (ATM) partners for Just Culture (ATCEUC, CANSO, ETF, IFAIMA, IFATCA and IFATSEA) have developed a toolbox as a set of guiding principles that are universal and not limited to the aviation domain. Representing different actors of the organisational domain (employers, workers, professional staff organisations), it is believed that this guidance could be very valuable.

download Just Culture Toolbox Final

European Corporate Just Culture Declaration

On 1st October the European Commission hosted the signing of the European Corporate Just Culture Declaration. This declaration, although non binding in law, commits the signatories (a large number of aviation stakeholders) to implementing Just Culture. This declaration has been a result of several months hard work, set against an idea originally proposed by ETF. The declaration is in support of the new Occurrence Reporting regulation 376/2014, which puts in to law the requirement for organisations to have Just Culture policies, to support occurrence reporting, and that these must have been consulted with staff. In a good spirit of collaboration the ATM Partners (ETF, ATCEUC, CANSO, IFATCA, IFATSEA, IFAIMA) took the lead in helping to draft the declaration and came together as ATM partners to push a consolidated position. However the declaration is only a first step across aviation in Europe and it will take more to recognise and implement true Just Culture in all organisations involved with aviation. (more…)

ETF requests on the proposal for EU Regulation on Occurrence Reporting

The ETF welcomes the proposal of the Commission to contribute to the reduction of the number of aircraft accidents and related fatalities.
For the first time, at EU level, there is a proposal which will create an environment leading to Just Culture. It is not enough but the proposal goes to the right direction.
However, the ETF is not satisfied with the introduction of the concept of “Gross negligence”, which will discourage safety professionals to report across Europe. (more…)