Fatigue Management Guide for Air Traffic Service Providers

ETF is a key stakeholder in seeking to ensure the safety of the transportation provided to the travelling public. Aviation safety is dependent Air Traffic Services provided by a host of workers.

Managing Fatigue is key to the provision of safe operations and services in Aviation and ETF is pleased to see the developments in the provision of guidance on this subject from ICAO.



ITF meets ICAO

A delegation from the ITF met informally with representatives of ICAO in order to foster more effective working relationship.

The ITF delegation comprised Joe Magee, Suresh Tewari, Mike Reed, Luigi d'Iddio and Safiyanu Mohammed Dauda.

ICAO representatives comprised:
Steve Creamer: Director, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO
Chris Dalton: Chief, Airspace Management and Oprimization, ICAO

Discussions covered the broad areas of technology and automation, remote tower funtions and the upcoming ICAO conference on this subject, fostering appropriate and effective working relationshp and of course fatigue management.


Joint Letter for an easier access for GA pilots to IFR flying

ETF CANSO and ATCEUC signed a joint letter to Mr. Kessler,Deputy Head, Atm/ans And Aerodrome Department of EASA (more…)

ETF Statement on Social Dialogue in Civil Aviation

The European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF), organising more than 250,000 civil aviation workers across Europe, follows with great concern the latest developments among the airline employers' associations at European level. In particular, the ETF is concerned about the future of the sectoral social dialogue in this sector of the industry. (more…)

ETF Statement on the aerodrome Flight Information Services

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), the biggest representative of workers in the European aviation and in the air traffic management, has been participating in the rulemaking process on air traffic services within the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the past two years. We are now proud to announce that a proper recognition of Aerodrome Flight Information Services (AFIS), as well as the workers involved – Flight Information Service Officers (FISOs) – within the framework of air traffic services is underway.



Executive Vice President Europe for Ifatca

The ETF - ATM Committee would like to extend it's congratulations on the election of Tom Laursen in the role of Executive Vice President Europe for IFATCA. At their recent annual conference in Las Vegas, Tom was elected unopposed.
The ATM committee will offer an invitation to welcome Tom to our plenary meeting in November and we very much look forward to our two organisations working collaboratively in the future on topics of mutual concern, as we have seen with the topic of just culture. We wish Tom all the best in his new role.

Our hearth is in Brussels today


Social Dialogue Toolbox

Risultati immagini per social dialogue toolbox

Over the last several years following on from the ‘Venice Conference on Social Dialogue in the Single European Sky’ in 2011, ETF together with the other social partners ATCEUC and CANSO (The ATM Social Partners) have been working on a ‘best practice’ guide on how social dialogue could be improved and strengthened between unions and employers. As we have seen over the last few years with the implementation of SES, and again in the communication from the Commission on its proposals for the new Aviation Strategy in December 2015, social dialogue and particularly the impact of strikes is a common theme the airlines like to use to attack workers. As a way of countering this the ATM social partners have been exploring ways to improve social dialogue as a counter balance to the airlines arguments. A good relationship between a company and its staff is crucial both for achieving fair working conditions and for the company to run efficiently and smoothly. (more…)

Civil Aviation, Remote Towers Conference

ETF representatives will participate in the Civil Aviation, Remote Towers Conference organized in London on 4th and 5th February 2016 by the International Transport Workers Federation.

This conference comes at a time when a number of ANSPs are looking at establishing Remotely Operated Towers.
It is not an entirely new concept.There have been a number of attempts over the years to use CCTV to enable air traffic services to be provided off the airport.
However,usually they were restricted to quiet periods. What is new is that some ANSPs are now looking at providing a complete airport service from another location and not in a traditional airport tower. (more…)

ETF response to the Commission’s Aviation Strategy for Europe

The European Transport Workers ‘Federation (ETF), representing more than 250.000 aviation workers from 82 national unions in 41 European countries, is committed to ensure fair working conditions and social rights in all aviation sub-sectors (airlines, air traffic management and airport services) and achieve social progress for all aviation workers.

Aviation is a strong driver of economic growth and jobs in the European Union, although, this sector is losing its power as an engine able to generate direct employment in numbers and in quality. In recent years, jobs offered are often outsourced, poorly paid and the precariousness of work in aviation has increased.

The overall message of the Commission's "Aviation Strategy for Europe" is in line with a hyper-liberal and excessive market-driven attitude. The ETF does not approve this approach, as only business and market forces will decide the fate of the European aviation industry. (more…)