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ETF, CANSO and ATCEUC comments to SES 2+ proposal

Statement of ATCEUC, CANSO and ETF on the Commission proposal on the SES 2+ package

The European Social Partners – ESP – (CANSO, ATCEUC and ETF) support the aspiration of the Single European Sky (SES). However, there are different expectations with regards to the ultimate SES goal.

The ESP see a high level risk of micromanagement at Commission/central level through the current SES II + proposal which cannot sufficiently satisfy different local needs. There is currently too much regulation. The aim shall be to reduce regulation through harmonisation and better /more effective regulations while clarifying the overall institutional framework in Europe. It is important to note that some time is needed to implement the SES II package in a more harmonised way.

Safety is paramount and should never be compromised for any services. (more…)

ATM SP position on NPA2012-18 ATCO Licensing

ETF, ATCEUC and CANSO, the ATM Social Partners, wrote to EASA to highlight their joint position on:

  • Provisional Inability
  • Language Proficiency
  • Remote Towers


ETF position on SES 2 +

ETF Position Paper on SES2+

Analysis of SES2+ identifies significant negative impact on workers.
Furthermore a lack of social dialogue, no real willing to implement the 5th pillar, a new institutional set up geared to increase liberalization; attacks against ancillary services are just some of the elements that clearly identifies the drive for the exclusion of social issues in a service, that by its very nature, is dependent on people. (more…)

CANSO-ETF advice for Performance Scheme in RP2

ETF and CANSO has jointly developed their position on the SES performance scheme regulation. (more…)

ETF Position on the Transport White Paper

On the following pages the ETF discusses the views and proposals contained in the White Paper, in particular those which are cause for major concern. This is followed by the contributions from the different sectors which may further expand their views in their own contributions separately. (more…)

The Development of the low cost model in the European civil aviation industry

On the 14th and 15th March 2012, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) arranged a conference in Torremolinos, gathering over 100 representatives of workers. Employers and Commision addressed the conference. The discussions were based around current developments in civil aviation with regard to the growing demand for low fares airlines (LFAs). (more…)

BlueMed Joint Declaration

ETF, ATCEUC, IFATSEA and IFATCA, together with the BlueMed management, have publish a joint expression, with a focus on the Social Dimension. (more…)