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ETF, CANSO and ATCEUC comments to SES 2+ proposal

Statement of ATCEUC, CANSO and ETF on the Commission proposal on the SES 2+ package

The European Social Partners – ESP – (CANSO, ATCEUC and ETF) support the aspiration of the Single European Sky (SES). However, there are different expectations with regards to the ultimate SES goal.

The ESP see a high level risk of micromanagement at Commission/central level through the current SES II + proposal which cannot sufficiently satisfy different local needs. There is currently too much regulation. The aim shall be to reduce regulation through harmonisation and better /more effective regulations while clarifying the overall institutional framework in Europe. It is important to note that some time is needed to implement the SES II package in a more harmonised way.

Safety is paramount and should never be compromised for any services. (more…)

ETF DEMONSTRATION at EU Parlament to reject SES2+

ETF demands a social dimension inside the Single European Sky

Today, Monday 14 October 2013, over 200 ATM staff delegates from across Europe demonstrate in front of the European Parliament in Brussels, following the call of the ETF.They protest to express their disagreement with the new package on the Single European Sky (SES), called SES2+, adopted last June by the European Commission. They call the European Parliament to stop dogmatic liberalisation of the ATM industry. They say “Enough is enough” and “No” to a SES that jeopardizes jobs in Europe. (more…)


Today, Wednesday 12 June 2013, the ETF and its national affiliates express their disagreement with the new package on the Single European Sky (SES), called SES2+, adopted yesterday by the European Commission. ATM workers are taking different types of actions (strikes, gatherings, walk-outs,…) in 11 European countries.


They say “Enough is enough!” to the European Commission.
“NO!” to a Single European Sky that jeopardizes jobs in Europe.



ETF organises European Action Day on 12 June to demand a social dimension inside the Single European Sky.
ETF announced that ATM employees are mobilising for a European Action Day on 12 June 2013 to demand the establishment of a fair, cooperative and social Single European Sky (SES). ATCOs and the entire ATM staff will hold parallel walkouts, rallies, meetings and strikes across Europe calling on the European Commission to stop a never ending process of liberalisation, deregulation and cost cutting in the ATM industry. (more…)

ETF position on SES 2 +

ETF Position Paper on SES2+

Analysis of SES2+ identifies significant negative impact on workers.
Furthermore a lack of social dialogue, no real willing to implement the 5th pillar, a new institutional set up geared to increase liberalization; attacks against ancillary services are just some of the elements that clearly identifies the drive for the exclusion of social issues in a service, that by its very nature, is dependent on people. (more…)

ETF claims platform on SES

The EU attitude towards ATM sector and ATM workers is becoming unacceptable.
Despite the successful improvements on safety, capacity, delays, efficiency, cost-reduction and international cooperation registered during the last decade, the ATM sector continues to be described as unable to deliver the unrealistic targets fixed by the EC.
This criticism on the progress made by the ATM community is due to expectations based on these political targets more then on needs and real possibilities. (more…)

ETF has MANY concerns on the initial proposal for RP2 target setting

As expressed during the Public Workshop: EU-wide target setting for RP2 on Wednesday 6 February 2013, ETF has many concerns on the draft proposal.
Safety is still not at the same level of ambitious of the other KPAs.
Unrealistic targets based on political expectation will prevent to build a credible, reliable and realistic performance scheme. (more…)

ETF rejects European Commission’s unbalanced analysis on SES

The ETF deplores the EC’s unfortunate rhetoric as regards the implementation of SES. The EC only listens to the airlines’ concerns and ignores other involved stakeholders. The EC is attacking the ATM industry and ATM staffs are more and more critical against the EC’s business-driven approach which only favours the cost reduction without considering the negative effects on workers. The ETF calls the EC to understand safety as a top priority in Civil Aviation in favour of financial or business considerations. (more…)

CANSO-ETF advice for Performance Scheme in RP2

ETF and CANSO has jointly developed their position on the SES performance scheme regulation. (more…)

ETF position on the Revision of the SES 2 Performance Scheme for the RP2

The ETF aim is to promote a balanced and coherent approach to be sure that the decisions taken in the definition of the performance scheme and in the adoption of the targets will not put a risk in the system or go against the interests of all the ATM workers. (more…)