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EGSD answer to Maurizio Castelletti

The Expert Group on the Social Dimension of SES (EGSD) answer to Maurizio Castelletti  about the Master Plan 2015 (more…)

Staff involvment in SESAR2020

Professional Staff Organisations (PSOs1) representing in SESAR all the end-users of the aviation field including Pilots, ATCOs and ATSEPs, have been involved in SESAR from the Definition Phase. During the Development Phase this contribution has been crucial for SESAR to align the programme with the operational reality through the independent feedback of front-line operators.
PSOs are committed to continue contributing to SESAR with a constructive spirit towards the forthcoming SESAR 2020 programme.


Social factor and change management

The SESAR Concept is a change of high complexity, magnitude and scale impacting fundamentally Social Partners roles and responsibilities.The changes to be introduced during the SESAR Development and Deployment phases require a successful ‘transition’ of the affected staff from the current to the new system, a different way of operation or management, a new approach to leadership, to participation and involvement of staff and management as well as an effective partnership approach. (more…)

ETF SESAR social analysis

ETF has performed a survey using a list of possible Social consequences from SESAR deployment, including areas such as Human Factors aspects (i.e. Roles and Responsibilities, Workload, HMI, new Working environment, etc.) and Legal aspects considered important and leading to Social implications. (more…)

Letter to EC on SESAR Deployment

The ETF welcomes the constructive discussions introduced by the European Commission on the establishment of common projects for SESAR deployment. The timely information and consultation of Trade Unions and professional associations in the decision making process is central. (more…)

SESAR Release 1 Results

The present report assesses the R&D results compiled in the Release 1 of the SESAR programme. (more…)