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RP3 Open letter to EU member States

Following the adoption of the new performance and charging regulation, the Commission is currently in the process of setting the targets for RP3. We have joined with the other PSOs in expressing our concern at the proposed targets. The targets are broadly more of the same that we saw in RP2 and will do nothing to ease the current capacity problems. The level of cost reduction required is worrying and we are having great difficulty in seeing just how capacity can be improved whilst making savings.
At the next Single Sky Committee meeting at the end of March, it is expected that the Member State representatives will vote on the proposed targets. We have, with the other PSOs, written to those state representatives expressing our concern and asking them to push for a modest rise in costs to help resolve the ongoing capacity problems.

Fair Transport Europe – Our Rights, Your Safety

Do you think that right to strike is a fundamental right for all workers?
The EU Commission is trying to blame air traffic management staff for flight delays and encourage countries to limit their right to strike. That’s not #FairTransport!

Strikes in air traffic management are not a major cause of delays, and workers strike to defend safety for all passengers. Anyway, this is an area where the EU has no power, so why are they interfering?

Today air traffic management staff are under attack, but tomorrow could be your turn. The right to strike must be protected. If you agree with us, sign this petition from ETF and ATCEUC here:

IFAIMA press release on Colombia plane crash LMI2933

We would like to remember the victims of this latest air disaster that has hit the entire world aviation community and send our thoughts to the families and to all those who have been affected by this terrible loss.

For this reason we share and support IFAIMA press realease.


IFAIMA press-release

New Chair Team


On 30th of November in Berlin, the ATM Committe have unanimously elected the new chairteam and we would like to congratulate them on their election.

This election is the result of a helpful and considerate cooperation that Charles-Andrè Quesnel,Aaron Curtis and Daniel Liebhart provided until now.

Today is the beginning of a new path that we hope will lead them to guide our Committee as their predecessors have done so far.
We are well aware that the challenges that lie ahead, related to all the still open dossiers on which we have been committed for years, will be very challenging and this is why we wish them all the best for their new post and best wishes for a good job.

We would also like to thank the resigned Vice-chair Luigi D'Iddio for all his work and dedication to our Committee in the last years.

Joint Letter for an easier access for GA pilots to IFR flying

ETF CANSO and ATCEUC signed a joint letter to Mr. Kessler,Deputy Head, Atm/ans And Aerodrome Department of EASA (more…)

Our hearth is in Brussels today


New team, same spirit

After many years of fruitful contributions for the interest of the ATM workers, the chairing team of the ETF-ATM committee decided to give the relay to a brand new team to continue the fight.

It is time for the ATM workers to thank the chair, Riccardo Rubini, as well as his two vice-chairs, Olivier Joffrin and Janos Lakatos, for the wonderful job they performed during their mandates. In the last years, ETF was present on every topic and its inputs were highly appreciated. This was possible only thanks to the wonderful working spirit that these three were able to put in place.

Now the new elected team, composed by Charles-André Quesnel, Aaron Curtis and Luigi D'iddio, will have the difficult task to perform as well as the previous team did. But with such good will, there's no doubt it will be the case.

1ac6f1_fd2e5d8e8fa74d8684b92d5025ea1e7f    Charles-André Quesnel


1ac6f1_0b864effba3c4453849e9d51b8a96409    Aaron Curtis


IMG_2737    Luigi Giuliano D'Iddio

European Parliament endorses Commission’s low-cost approach to SES2+

Today, Wednesday 12 March 2014, the European Parliament (EP) has voted on the Single European Sky recast regulation (SES2+). Despite the pressure put by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), its affiliates and other stakeholders, the EP did not oppose the European Commission’s approach to dogmatically liberalise the ATM (air traffic management) industry and disregarded its safety-critical aspects. (more…)

ETF welcomes the new non-punitive occurrence reporting system

Today, Wednesday 26 February 2014, the European Parliament adopted the compromise text agreed by the Commission, the Council and the Parliament on the new European occurrence reporting Regulation. The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), which represents air traffic controllers (ATCOs), pilots and all other categories of civil aviation employees, supports the outcome of the vote. The Regulation is indeed a positive step forward in the creation of a just culture and will drive safety improvement throughout aviation in Europe.


ETF position paper on SES 2 +

This position paper aims to give the ETF opinion on SES 2+ proposal released by the EC on 11 June 2013. (more…)