After many years of fruitful contributions for the interest of the ATM workers, the chairing team of the ETF-ATM committee decided to give the relay to a brand new team to continue the fight.

It is time for the ATM workers to thank the chair, Riccardo Rubini, as well as his two vice-chairs, Olivier Joffrin and Janos Lakatos, for the wonderful job they performed during their mandates. In the last years, ETF was present on every topic and its inputs were highly appreciated. This was possible only thanks to the wonderful working spirit that these three were able to put in place.

Now the new elected team, composed by Charles-André Quesnel, Aaron Curtis and Luigi D'iddio, will have the difficult task to perform as well as the previous team did. But with such good will, there's no doubt it will be the case.

1ac6f1_fd2e5d8e8fa74d8684b92d5025ea1e7f    Charles-André Quesnel


1ac6f1_0b864effba3c4453849e9d51b8a96409    Aaron Curtis


IMG_2737    Luigi Giuliano D'Iddio


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