ETF Position Paper on SES2+

Analysis of SES2+ identifies significant negative impact on workers.
Furthermore a lack of social dialogue, no real willing to implement the 5th pillar, a new institutional set up geared to increase liberalization; attacks against ancillary services are just some of the elements that clearly identifies the drive for the exclusion of social issues in a service, that by its very nature, is dependent on people.

The ETF will oppose the SES2+ package, if the identified hot topics remain


- Safety is still the weakest area,

- 5th pillar is still only a EC declaration but is missing in the regulation,

- Extreme cost pressure,

- Institutional set up for more liberalisation,

- Top-down for FAB implementation,

- Mandatory unbundling of services.

The introduction of this new legislative package comes too early regarding the implementation of the SES2. SES2+ is not only an update to the previous SES package, but it has to be considered as a new legislative package. ETF wonders what is the added value of a new text only four years after the adoption of the previous one. ETF is opposed to the over-regulating attitude of the EC.

SES2 is already having negative effects on workers: difficulties in renewal of collective agreements, numbers and quality of jobs, income reduction, etc.

The SES2+ package will create additional, real and concrete threats for workers. They have to be put in perspective with the whole SES process on

which workers have great concerns. The EC should not underestimate the lack of commitment of the ATM workers to this overall process. Unless there is a real change in the political heading, the EC will definitively loose the support of the ATM workers on the whole SES process.

ETF position paper on SES2+