The ETF EASA strategy is to be involved at the highest possible level within EASA to influence the opinion and outcome of stakeholders at the relevant EASA meetings, so that the rules and regulations reflect the opinion of the ETF members. Our mission is to ensure that the rules and regulations are representative of our views protecting member’s safety and interests and to ensure commercial interests don’t drive these regulations.

The purpose of this ETF/EASA reference handbook is to provide ETF affiliates with information about EASA, its structure, Rule Making Process and Procedures and the involvement of Stakeholders, for example ETF.

This handbook is part of our goals and objectives in achieving our ETF strategy as the information is the pre-requisite to influence the Regulations and the Decisions on safety taken by the EU decision-makers.Thank you to Nikki Jones who produced this reference document for ETF, I am sure you will find this handbook informative and useful enabling a better understanding of EASA. Every effort will be made to keep this document up to date.

ETF EASA Reference Handbook November 2013


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