ETF is a key stakeholder in seeking to ensure the safety of the transportation provided to the travelling public. Aviation safety is dependent Air Traffic Services provided by a host of workers.

Managing Fatigue is key to the provision of safe operations and services in Aviation and ETF is pleased to see the developments in the provision of guidance on this subject from ICAO.


The following is an excerpt from The Manual for the Oversight of Fatigue Management Approaches (Doc 9966):

"The aviation industry provides one of the safest modes of transportation in the world. Nevertheless, a safety critical industry must actively manage hazards with the potential to impact safety. Fatigue is now acknowledged as a hazard that predictably degrades various types of human performance, and can contribute to aviation accidents or incidents. Fatigue is inevitable in a 24 / 7 industry because the human brain and body function optimally with unrestricted sleep at night.
Therefore, as fatigue cannot be eliminated, it must be managed."

ETF will be reviewing the document in the during the coming weeks…/Documen…/FMG%20for%20ATSPs%20FINAL.pdf